Article: Top 10 Fantasy Animation Films Volume 2

10.Onward In a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers, Ian, and Barley Lightfoot, go on a journey to discover if there is still a little magic left out there in order to spend one last day with their father, who died when they were too young to remember him. This has got a beautifulContinue reading “Article: Top 10 Fantasy Animation Films Volume 2”

Article: Matilda the Musical Film Review

Matilda tells the story of an extraordinary girl who, armed with a sharp mind and vivid imagination, dares to take a stand to change her story with miraculous results. Firstly this is a well-meaning film and it has got an all – star cast, the chemistry between Alisha Weir and Lashana Lynch is superb andContinue reading “Article: Matilda the Musical Film Review”

Article: Top 10 DreamWorks Animation Films Volume 2

10.Turbo A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail named Turbo his biggest dream winning the Indy 500. An underdog type of film which is a crowd pleaser, it will put a smile to people faces as the idea to this film is really good, the vocal talent in this film is superbContinue reading “Article: Top 10 DreamWorks Animation Films Volume 2”

Article: Top 5 Benedict Cumberbatch Films

5.1917 April 6th, 1917. As an infantry battalion assembles to wage war deep in enemy territory, two soldiers are assigned to race against time and deliver a message that will stop 1,600 men from walking straight into a deadly trap. This film feels totally epic and it has got stunning set pieces that is generallyContinue reading “Article: Top 5 Benedict Cumberbatch Films”

Article: Top 10 Five Star Films Volume 2

10.Living A veteran civil servant receives a medical diagnosis that inspires him to move to the south coast and cram some fun into his remaining days. He meets a sunny young female colleague who seems to have the pep that had previously escaped him. Too be honest with you this film actually surprised me, itContinue reading “Article: Top 10 Five Star Films Volume 2”

Article: Top 10 Comedy Horror Movies

10.Arachnophobia A strange spider from the depths of a jungle is accidentally transported back to the good old USA. Through numerous coincidences and accidents. I actually growing up watching this film and it has got a good story, it is well casted and this is a well-made film, the casting is spot on and especiallyContinue reading “Article: Top 10 Comedy Horror Movies”

Article: Top 5 Stanley Tucci Films

5.Supernova Sam and Tusker are traveling across England in their old RV to visit friends, family, and places from their past. Since Tusker was diagnosed with dementia two year ago, their time together is the most important thing they have. For me personally it’s the chemistry between Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth that work reallyContinue reading “Article: Top 5 Stanley Tucci Films”