Article: Top 40 Influential Songs For Me

40. I Had A Dream by Kelly Clarkson

This song means a lot to me because it is so inspiration to me personally it about being a leader and led people to a better life and not just yourself. You can be an example to other people.

39. You Were There by Babyface

For me personally it about life and your childhood friend who always being there for you. It also about cherished the moment and you do not be afraid to say and stand up for that one friend and people being there for you but with much needed help.

38. UP & UP by Coldplay

This song reminded me of never giving up in life and do not be a quitter and keep going throughout your life with no interrupting and carry on with your life. Be that person who be there for people and being a role model to them and determined to pull through despite there are bad day ahead and be a better person and never give up in general.  

37.Gone Going by Black Eyed Peas

This song is about fame and the consequences of letting fame get to your head. Like your life, family, money and your livelihood will be destroyed because you put your life first and then it just gone and you got absolutely nothing, not just your dignity but your own life and don’t gamble in your life in general.

36.To Be Human by Marina Diamonds

This is a political song and  people keeps making out we are robot as we got feeling and this is a song about we can’t switch off our feeling with religious and belief we all the same person and we don’t have to hide in a world.

35.Breathe by Taylor Swift

Breathe is about people somehow drifting away but could not live without them in the process. You would risk absolutely anything to keep them and it not enough throughout our life.

34.Two Men by Jamie Scott & Town

This is a unusual song and it about two people who reflect on their own life. It is traditional to keep meeting in a certain place and just talk in general about their simple lives and grow up with each other till the bitter end and become firm friends.

33.Come Together by Echosmith

This song is about family and friends who meet up with great chemistry and always having fun together, this partly reminded me of a group that we all meet up and they are mums with their kids and some with friends because at the end of the day we are close, we always going on holidays and a mini weekend away and I know we are totally different people in general but this song is describing our friendship.

32.Radioactive by Kings of Leon

This song is catchy and nice and it just a totally unique of a song and having a good time and this one is a BBQ sunning type of a song. I know this song have not got any personal reason for me personally, but it is so different and that is the reason why I love this song.

31.Ain’t That Easy by Ward Thomas

This is about being ambitious and dreaming that everything run smoothly and do not give up during throughout your life. Do not give up on your friends in the process because you needed people in your life.

30. Be Still by The Killers

This song is about being young and being ambitious and being yourself throughout your life. This song inspired you in your lifetime don’t give up and don’t be lonely in the process and risked absolutely everything in your life  to help people and people will back you  during the hard time and keep doing your own thing.

29.No Angel by Birdy

This song is about yourself and people doubts you as a person and we are not perfect, but we are human. We all made mistakes in our past and made to suffer with the consequences and not to hurt people in our life as we needed them, so we decided to sorry with all the wrong that we made them in the past.

28.Loud Like Love by Placebo

This song mean a lot to me as it reminded me of family especially my cousins because we are loud and love each other as well plus some of them got kids, I rarely see them but I know we grow up together and good memories as well, Every time when I play that song I just go back in my younger years.

27.Fight Song by Rachel Platten

This song is about never giving up and keep going throughout your life. It also about family and what made you human like a better person, do not be a quitter in the bad times and rise up from it.

26.Life Is Life by Noah and The Whale

This catchy tune is basically about life in general and the up and down. It is generally uplifting, and you can be the person who control your life and be that person who you can rely on in this heart-warming song.

25.Honey and The Bee by Owl City

This song is about two different people who becoming friends but somehow, they fallen in love and tell each other their feeling. I can connect with this because it happened in the past with myself.

24.Look Around by Orson

For me personally this song reminded me off the aftermaths of a romantic like going out with a girl and you do not know the reason or why after a breakup. In life you got to move on with our life but slowly despite it is extremely hard.

23.Hopes and Fears

This upbeats and catchy tune is about life when you do not have to worry about things in life. This is so uplifting and it just about you do not have to worry about things in general and that is the reason why I like this song.

22.You Found Me by The Fray

This song is about people who never be there for someone and gradually more people searching for you and being there for you in the process. In life certain people always stand up for you till the bitter end and being a better person because of those people will stick beside you throughout your life.

21.Mayday by Lemar

This powerful song is about sacrifice people in your life and for me personally it about a pilot who is going to crash but he is saying goodbye to his wife and his kids. I personally connect with this song because it about self-sacrifice because you would do absolutely everything to protect your family. 

20.On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons

This upbeats song is about having a good time and do not take life that serious. It also about travelling around the world and enjoying people company even if you are feeling down just get up and be happy in the process throughout your life.

19.Hold Me While You Wait by Lewis Capaldi

This powerful song is about being there for someone that you care for and during hard time just hug them, it makes them feel good about themselves and do not doubts people in the process. Just stand beside them and help people in the process.

18.My True Name by Bloc Party

This song is about expectation and you got to believe in yourself and trying to get on with your life. Bits of the song is about the background of your youth and your past, the future and growing up in the process and what you become.

17.Keep on Walking by Scouting for Girls

I just like this song as it is different and really invented, it like one of those song that you would play at a party and at a BBQ just in the background. As everyone singing to it as it is a happy song.

16.Let Them All in by I am Kloot

I really this song a lot and for me personally it about acceptance and you got to make allowances for other people. It about all people with different belief, religion and numerous disabilities of just let them in your life.

15.Little Wanderer by Death Cab for Cutie

This is my summer song as it always reminded me of my holiday as I keep wandering in numerous of places including my family. It also about family and being with them in the process and golden memories of the holiday.

14.Hometown Glory by Adele

This song is about being British and support your local community and you are proud of being born in England. This beautiful song will be enchanted you in so many ways and because of those reason you will love this song.

13.Lifted by Lighthouse Family

This is a upbeat song about happiness and this song reminded me of my childhood while I was in the kitchen on the side and my dad cooked something and that song appear on the radio, so he sing it and leap back but he fall in the washing basket and I thought it was really funny and I always remember that because of that song.

12.Greatest Day by Take That

I love this song as it is generally really nice and it reminded me of my mum because I was doing an maths apprentice at work which I passed and my mentor was in tears and she let me to ring my mum the good news, my mum say she nearly fainted and on that day I put that very song on my iPod at lunchtime. So, every time when I play this song it just reminded me of that very moment.

11.Broad -Shouldered Beasts by Mumford & Sons

I love this song as it is generally moving, and it partly reminded me of a friendship and being there for each other throughout hard times. Even when you are lonely just listed to this song and then hug someone and that what you needed in this song.

10.An Audience with The Pope by Elbow

This catchy tune is different and it like one of those song in the background of a dinner party that you would enjoy. I really like this song as it just catchy, different and invented and I have not got any personal reason of liking this song.

9.Big Love in A Big Time

This song is beautiful and moving as it about young love and the obstacles that you get through. Telling each other that you love them and your feelings toward a person that you care for and doing absolutely everything just for a person.

8.Silverlake by Lapsley

A weird and a usual song that is well made, this song is a perfect sunny song that you can play while you are sunbathing and even a BBQ in the background as it is really catchy and really different. That is the reason why I love this song as it is so different and unique.

7.When You Say Nothing At All by The Shires

This is a beautiful and a short song that previously by Ronan Keating. This version is wow and generally powerful from the start to finished and this is one of many favourite songs by them.

6.What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? By Snow Patrol

Wow! this song is beautiful and for me personally it about letting people in your life and just let them love you. In life just let people treated you as you are and be accepted and asked for help when you needed them and go on a journey and be a better version of yourself. Defined the odd and appreciated life.

5.You Had Your Soul With You by The National

This is a totally unique song and for me personally it about being a role model to people. This reminded me of my weekend away with a couple but the male counterpart is like a rock to me and do absolutely everything and go out of his way, some say he just doing his job but he always making me smile and silently he like a family member to me and being strong and always having golden memories.

4.El Capitan by Idlewild

This is a nice song about having golden memories and always being remember. For me personally it reminded me of my brother as we got a lot of memories and golden memories of him. I have got photos around my room of brilliant moment in my life that involved my brother and I never forget that, I’m glad that we are brother and I never have enough of him and that song just made me realize how lucky I’m.

3.Picture Of You by Mr Hudson

This is a funky type of a song and it is beautiful and for me personally it about a lad while me away on my weekend away. We gradually getting to know him very well and we both grow fund of each other and he is amazing young man and I see a lot of things in him in me, I got to admit since while we in lockdown I really miss him and when I see photos of him that just making me happy and I knew he will be perfectly fine.

2.Surprise Yourself by Jack Garratt

This is a unique and a totally different song and it about putting obstacles in your life and overcome with it. For me personally it is about being myself and achieve things in your life and define the odd and believe in myself, I got a disability and I’m proud of myself for so many things that happened in my life. That song just reminded me of myself.

1.Giants by Ella Henderson

This is my go-to song and it about just being tall and show off to the world. For me personally it about never turn back and carry on walking and never look back just keep doing your own thing, overcome many obstacles in your life and be that person to become a better version of yourself. Do not worry about people in your life and just be yourself and learning to love yourself.

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