Article: Top 10 Feel Good Songs

10.L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. (Noah & The Whale)

This is one of those song that is suitable on a trip out in the car with your family and sing the tune out loud. The song is actually about just being yourself and go on a journey throughout your life and just do things in your way, it doesn’t matter what other people say about you and just being you, this song is just an upbeat type of song.

9.Closing Time (Semisonic)

Closing Time is certainly catchy and uplifting at the same time and people will be singing this in a karaoke or with a bigger group of people. This song is definitely about having a good time and enjoying people company in the process and seeing the world as it is and just enjoy it, This definitely a chilled-out type of song.

8.On Top Of The World (Imagine Dragons)

A beautiful song that is so memorable which certainly capture people who are truly adventures and once you listen to this song you will always remember it, even when you are alone it just a feel good songs and making you smile at the same time. The songs certainly reminded you of your journey throughout your life and what obstacles that you overcome and be that person.

7.Don’t Wanna Run No More (Vagabond)

An upbeat style of song and it something that you go on a run or a trek to listen to this song as it is just a feel-good song that just pump you up, or even before you started work. This fantastic song is about people giving up on you and it doesn’t bother you and live your life but without them and just carry on with your life in general.

6.This’ll Be My Year (Train)

This is simply catchy and it something you would play while you are away from home and it just a comfort when you listening to it. This fabulous song is about the old days and while you being a kid and it is one of those that made you think of America, it is one of those song that is so memorable.

5.Would You Call That Love (Kelly Clarkson)

This is one of those song that everyone can relate to and this tune really hit home, it is so real and the song is actually about relationship and looking back on your life, even about loneliness and the consequences of being really close to someone and you got to think about yourself of what you really want in life, not them whatsoever, this is the reason why I picked this song as it got a really good message.

4.El Capitan (Idlewild)

El Capitan is going to be everyone favourite song and even while you away from home or even if you are home, it is generally moving and made you smile at the same time. The song is about making new memories and you will always remember them especially if you got photos in the background, while you looking at them, you will remember the good old times while you playing this song.

3.Picture Of You (Mr Hudson)

This is certainly a different style of song but it certainly ring true to everyone and it is certainly catchy but it is a beautiful song. The message of the song is about missing someone in your life in general and you got photos frame of a good time in the past or photos on your phone that hold deer to you and mean absolutely everything to you  because you miss that certain someone in your life.

2.Little Wanderer (Death Cab For Cutie)

This is definitely a song that you would listened to especially while you are away from home and just started it by the pool or in your hotel room, even listening to it at home as it is certainly a catchy song and generally heart-warming as well. This is my holiday song because of those reason and I’m sure everyone will love this song.

1.Come Together (Echosmith)

A beautiful and a unique catchy song, it certainly bring you memories of your families and your friends and the good times in generally. It is something you would play with a reunion of everyone in your life, This song resembles all of the golden moment that happen in your life and just having fun in generally. This is an upbeat type of song and it is a feel good song of everyday life and having fun with people that you truly love and cherish.

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