Article: Top 5 Film Stars Who Should Play A Villain In A James Bond Film

5.Auric Goldfinger (Gary Oldman)

Auric Goldfinger is famously in Goldfinger in 1964 as he is a gold magnate who they suspect is building up a vast inventory of gold bar and take over the world. Gary Oldman normally plays unrecognizable roles in certain films, he would be the most ideal actor who play Auric Goldfinger as he got that cynical type of personality and he put his own stamp on his performance.

4.Elliot Carver (Tim Robbins)

Elliot Carver wants to complete his global media empire, but in order for this to work, he must achieve broadcasting rights in China. Carver wants to start up World War 3 by starting a confrontation over British and Chinese waters. The good thing about Tim Robbins he mainly stars in Political type of films so he will capture that role very easily, he never plays a baddie and it about time for his chance.

3.Oddjob (Jacob Batalon)

Oddjob is a manservant to Auric Goldfinger who is a mute servant who kills at the toss of a lethal bowler hat. I first noticed Jacob Batalon during the latest Spider – Man film and I thought he is absolutely hilarious and he deserve to be in a James Bond film, he got that charisma and he would provided a proper villain with a bit of comic edge but with a nasty streak.

2.Jaws (Jim Carrey)

For Drax’s henchman is none other Bond’s old nemesis Jaws, the indestructible steel – toothed giant and also Jaws appear in The Spy Who Loved Me which is another James Bond film. Everyone know Jim Carrey is a comedy stars but he also stars in some serious films, the good thing with him he stars in a variety of roles which is his best qualities and often unrecognizable. He would get into character very easily and he will look the part as well.

1.May Day (Danai Gurira)

Bond must also tackle May Day and equally twisted from a madman’s beautiful and deadly companion May Day. Once I noticed Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead I thought she is a promising future star and I still believe that. She stars in a variety of films and she can do action, drama, and animation type of films, she would be truly amazing as May Day as she would capture the role very easily and take the part in her stride.

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