Article: Top 5 Pirates Films

5.Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World

During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America. A well-made film with a good cast and overall, this is powerful and thrilling, the story is really good and there is stunning scenery, the soundtrack is actually really good and this is one of those film that is intriguing.


When Captain James Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy. Definitely one of the best Steven Spielberg films, this one is certainly ticked all the boxes as this got a memorable villain and the main lead is likeable, the story is spot on in this gorgeous looking film which is fun and didn’t take itself too seriously.

3.Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate “Captain” Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor’s daughter, from Jack’s former pirate allies, who are now undead. Being based on a Disney ride this is action packed, it has got a stellar cast and this is watchable from start to finish plus it is generally exciting, it is fun and joyous and this is likeable and overall, this is entertaining.

2.The Goonies

A group of young misfits called The Goonies discover an ancient map and set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirate’s long – lost treasure. Not your usual pirates film but it does have a hint toward the end, I actually growing up watching this film and I still really enjoyed this film, it is one of the best adventure films, it is enjoyable and the pacing is spot on and it does hold your interested.

1.The Sea Beast

When a young girl stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, they launch an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history to boot. Everything about this film certainly ticked all the boxes, it also suitable for all ages and it is a family viewing type of film, the animation itself look gorgeous, it is charming and funny and the vocal talent is outstanding and this has got a simple story, it is definitely watchable from the first frame.

2 thoughts on “Article: Top 5 Pirates Films

  1. I like your selections Mark, but I don’t think Master and Commander can count as a pirate film, even though it is great.
    Here’s some others for you:
    Treasure Island (1950) – a great book and a great film. Has to be the first pirate with a wooden leg!
    Yellowbeard (1983) – made by Graham Chapman from Monty Python gang.
    The Crimson Pirate (1952) – stars Burt Lancaster
    Captain Blood (1935), The Sea Hawk (1940), Against All Flags (1952), The Master of Ballantrae (1953) – all starring Errol Flynn known as the “King of the Swashbucklers.”

    And not forgetting Captain Phillips – a modern tale of Somali pirates. More psychological perspective than an action swashbuckler

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  2. I see why you think that and I do see your point with regarding to Master And Commander, I will definitely looking into these films and I see Captain Phillips as it is a brilliant film


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