Article: Top 5 Rowan Atkinson Films

5.Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie

The bumbling Mr. Bean travels to America when he is given the responsibility of bringing a highly valuable painting to a Los Angeles museum. A well intentioned and a likeable film which is a crowd pleaser, it has got a great cast and it can be laugh out loud funny with certain moment, overall this is definitely watchable from start to finish.

4.Scooby – Doo

Well Zoinks! They’re back together again!! After two years apart, Mystery, Inc. are back together and ready to solve the mystery of Spooky Island. Spooky Island is a resort run by one Mr. Emile Mondavarious. Firstly I know Rowan Atkinson have a smaller role, this is a cute live action film and this is well – made, it brim with comic one liner and it is pure escapism and the visual is superb.

3.Johnny English (2003 – 2018)

Johnny English, Britain’s most confident, yet unintelligent spy, becomes Britain’s only spy and travelling around the world to complete mission. Definitely action packed that mixed in with the comedy aspect that work really well, it is entertaining and this is the type of film that you would watch on a rainy day, it didn’t take itself too seriously, and that is the key to these films.

2.The Witches

A young boy stumbles onto a witch convention and must stop them, even after he has been turned into a mouse. It is one of those film that creep you under your skin as this is generally spooky and the casting is perfect, the good thing about this film is Rowan Atkinson performance as it needed a bit of comedy, the story is fantastic and the ending is superb as the main lead is likeable.

1.The Lion King

Lion prince Simba and his father are targeted by his bitter uncle, who wants to ascend the throne himself. With catchy and beautiful soundtrack that is generally moving and I actually growing up watching this film, Rowan Atkinson is superb as Zazu as he is absolutely hilarious and the rest of the voice cast is excellent, this is suitable for all ages and a family viewing that is just pure escapism.

2 thoughts on “Article: Top 5 Rowan Atkinson Films

  1. Rowan Atkinson is a bit of a Curate’s egg for me. I’m not a fan of Mr Bean or Johnny English, but I have liked his TV performances in:
    Not the Nine O’Clock News
    So they would be the top 3 for me.

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