Film Review: Little Women

This film is set after civil wars with four sisters together who navigate throughout their lives with each other and their father is away serving in the civil wars. It about the March sisters who individual live their own lives.

This film is well made and well intention and with great acting all around with all the casts. The time period is spot on with a great story as well and I wasn’t familiar with the other films that being remade. The film in general is really good and for me personally it have a slight pacing problem with the first hour is unfocused and rather sluggish and did not know the characters as well, in the second half the film is much better as we gradually getting to know the four sisters and their separate lives and they are scattered about choosing their fate and their happy endings. One of the sisters who played by a newcomer called Eliza Scanlen which she debuts her first Hollywood role in Little Women. She is a promising young actress for the future.

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