Article: Self-Isolation Top 20 Films

20. Disturbia

A teenager is placed under house arrest because he previously punched a teacher at his old school. He is convinced because he sees some suspicious behaviour from his neighbour and becomes obsessed. This film is generally tense and really gripping and it is watchable that keep you from start to finish.

19. Eagle Eye

This film is about two strangers who both got mysterious phone call that threatening their families. So, both of them needed each other to survive and overcome many obstacles along the way, this film is unpredictable and it like a Hitchcock style of film with mystery, being tense and gripping as well. It certainly entertains from start to finish.

18. Knight and Day

The film is about a middle age woman who somehow get caught up in an espionage plot involving a spy on a plane. Those two somehow become embroiled in globetrotting and cat and mouse chase to clear his name as he is a rouge agent. This is a proper action film with a proper story that you care about these characters, it is generally funny as well.

17. Knives Out

This a murder mystery in which a detective tries to solve a murder of a father in an eccentric and dysfunctional families. All the families are witness and accused each other, I’m not normally a massive fan of Daniel Craig solo films but this one is well written and unpredictable and witty and generally funny with an all-star cast in this whodunnit.

16. City of Ember

The film is about two teenagers who uncover the ancient mystery of the city existence, and help the citizens escape before the lights go out forever. I personally love this film because it had elements of The Goonies as it is compelling and colourful characters that you care about and eye catching as well.

15. Earth to Echo

This film is about four teenagers who find a friendly alien life form that wanted the teenagers to rebuild his spaceship. The four teenagers find themselves on the run from the government, I found this film really enchanted and thought provoking as it’s like a coming of age film which is generally moving, it basically like an indie ET but it suitable for all ages.

14. Hugo

In 1931 Paris, a young boy who lost his father go in search of an automation (mechanical man) which the father left for young Hugo. Hugo go on a journey throughout Paris. This is an extraordinary tale with a great story and with all stars cast that involved, in this enchanted and magical journey as this is eye catching adventure film.

13. Zathura: A Space Adventure

Two young brothers who stumbles on a very old game in the basement that they never play before. They don’t know that they are playing a magical board game but everything in the house, or their house is a part of the game as well. This film is a mixture of CGI and blended in family fun as well, but it has a darker tone of the film but it still compelling and it is rather like Jumanji but it still entertaining enough with witty joke as well.

12. Narnia: Films 2005-2010

Four kids travel through a wardrobe to a magical land with a load of creatures and a lion who live there. In one of the films their cousin comes along with the journey. The kids will eventually become adults. I really like all the Narnia films as they are eye catching with a great story, with gusto with a lot of realistic CGI and it suitable for all age despite of the darker tone and everyone know the story of the film.

11. The Intern

A retired 70-year-old lawyer is bored with retired life decided to do an online fashion retailer and get the position, founded and run by Jules Ostin. I personally love this film as it is not a typical romantic film and it about forging a friendship with someone who doesn’t think you would get on with but eventually you just click. It is genuinely funny and moving as well and superbly acted.

10. Fighting With My Family

This film is about a young girl who run a family gym and doing wrestling as her part time job alongside with her brother. she decided to apply with her brother to try out for the WWE training program, she gets in but her brother not and the brother gradually to support her and her family. The reason why I like this film is the message that don’t give up just keep going and be yourself throughout your journey. It is genuinely funny but moving and it also ring true as well.

9. Sunshine on Leith

This film is about two Scottish soldiers return from a tour of duty into their hometown of Leith in Edinburgh. To resume their romantic and family lives and it based on The Proclaimers music so everyone sings. I do love a good musical in generally and it is also a British film as well, it is so uplifting and genuinely moving as well. It’s a feel-good film with catchy tunes.

8. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

In the aftermath of World War 2, a writer forms an unexpected bond with the residents of Guernsey Island when she decides to write a book about their experiences during the war. It also focused a young girl who named Juliet and her lives in generally. This film is really moving and compelling as well and great acting with an all-star’s casts, it such a beautiful film.

7. We Bought A Zoo

This film is set in southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re – open a struggling zoo. It also about the journey that the family take and their lives as well. Too be honest with you I’m not normally a massive fan of Matt Damon but this film is generally moving and I’m a massive fan of animals type of films, so it has two box ticked for me once I watched the film I thought wow as the acting is incredible.

6. The Pursuit of Happiness

This film is based on a true story about a guy named Christopher Gardner who is a struggling salesman take custody of his son. The pair go on a journey with each other and looking back at their previous lives and their future as well, for me personally this film is generally moving, and the acting is superb. I can connect with this film because it basically about a guy who never give up and give hope to other people and make a different, so therefore I really like this film because it has a positive message.

5. Goodbye Christopher Robin

The film is about AA Milne who previously fought in World War 1 and return to his wife Daphne. They have a baby boy along the way and go to live in the countryside to trying to get over his flashback of the war but eventually He written a book inspire to his son. I really like this film a lot as it is generally moving and superb acting. This film partly reminded me of my dad with our relationship as it’s based on a dad and a son relationship in a film.

4. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

An intrepid reporter goes in search with his dog Snowy to go on a treasure hunt. He previously buys a model ship on the market but there is a note inside, without his knowing. I really enjoy this film as it is a rip-roaring adventure. Steven Spielberg executive produce the film alongside with Peter Jackson as director, this is sweeping and epic with a bit of action with a proper story and generally funny as well.

3. Jumanji

This film is about two kids who stumbles on a magical board game. When they play the game, they somehow release a man who previously disappear in the game. This film is enjoyable and thrilling at the same time, it is generally exciting as well especially the acting and it is such a shame about the late Robin Williams as he got comic timing.

2. Everybody’s Fine

This film is basically about a widower who trying to reconnect with his family, so he stops everything in his life to travel around the world without telling his grown-up children. For me personally I can connect with his film because I got families scattered around the UK like with my cousins. This bittersweet tale is delightful as it rings true and superbly acted

  1. Kubo and the Two Strings

This film is about a young boy and his mum who shipwrecked on a beach at some village. They gradually carry on with their lives in a cave just outside town and Kubo looking after his mum by using origami and telling tales to the townsfolk. This is my number one film overall because it has a bit of everything like a brilliant story with an emotional aspect, the cinematographer and the landscape are breathtakingly beautiful, and I know the tone in this film is slightly darker but you will be enchanted from start to finished.

One thought on “Article: Self-Isolation Top 20 Films

  1. Great list Mark – and I haven’t seen most of them. Have to agree with Kubo and the two strings being at number 1, a very different kind of film. I’m surprised that you didn’t include The Breadwinner – another great animation film that we both enjoyed.


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