Article: Top 10 Books To Read


A young orphan girl named Sophie become shipwrecked on the English channel and being found in her cello case. Charles, a fellow survivor and eccentric scholar, find Sophie and brings her home to his London bachelor flat. When the child welfare agency threaten her, she just flee to Paris to find her mum with the only clue she got is the address of the cello maker. I really like this book because it’s an adventure timeless story that you feel for something for the characters and the setting is superb.

9.The Children of the King

It’s the Second World War, with London under attack and it not safe anymore The Lockwood Children after to travel to Heron Hall to live their uncle Peregrine in the countryside. They discovered two boys hiding in a derelict castle, the past and present collide. This is a perfect book that given the exact detail and the feel of it like you are there, this is really compelling with a lot of imagination and all the characters are really good.

8.Emil And The Detectives

Emil is excited to be on a train for the first time as he travel down but eventually he fallen asleep with all the excitement, he find his money is stolen by a man in a bowler hat, so he join up with a gang of detectives across Berlin to get his money back. This is a simple story with adults and kids will like this as it given detail of his journey which I found very compelling with colourful characters, this is a coming of age story that told beautifully.

7.The Beast of Buckingham Palace

The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace but when strange going on breech the walls and the corridor in the dead of night, he find himself in mystery, adventures and Monsters. This is a superb book with a good story that engrossing start to finish and with majesty setting and the magical element as it blended darkness with a bit of humour and it like a Roald Dahl book that just capture people heart.

6.How High The Moon

In 1944, and in a southern segregated town eleven-year-old Ella spend time with her cousin and friends, once her mum invite her to Boston she take the offer to travel up there. She always miss her mum and she go on a journey of self-discovery and living her dream in America, until her classmate of being accused of murdering two white girls. This book is really interesting and it flip between two places which I found compelling and a sensitive topic as well and it is readable.

5.The Boy At The Back Of The Class

A group of children befriended Ahmet and they soon discovered he is a refugee and has been separated from his family, none of the grown ups able help them, so they come up with a daring plan to go on a journey to an adventure of lifetime. This is an superb tale of friendship and given detail of everyone background which I found interesting and it like a coming of age tale, which is an insight of the refugee boy life and it is well handed with a sensitive topic and this is general uplifting as well.

4.Can You See Me!

Tally, a young girl who got autistic live throughout her life, who got friends but most people don’t get her and just totally ignored her and being bullied in the process at her school. This is a beautiful story and it about being accepted by people and not being treated like a random person, I can connect with this as I’m being different as well. It’s not an easy read as it can be cringe worthy due to the bullying aspect of it but it also a coming of age story mixed in with a family drama in it which I found compelling.

3.Time Train To The Blitz

In 1940s London during the Blitz bombings, when Joe, Scarlett and their dog Pippy stumble upon a ghost train visible only to them, they find themselves travelling back in time to Second World War London on an adventure of a lifetime. This is a usual tale and a magical journey throughout the book that keep you hook from start to finish, this is a beautiful story.

 2.The Emergency Zoo

It is late August 1939 Britain is on the brink of War and preparations are under way to evacuate London’s children to the countryside. When twelve-year-old Tilly and her best friend Rosy find out they can’t bring their pets, they decided to set up a zoo for other animals and proving to be popular. This is a beautiful tale and it like a different version of Noah’s Ark but in a zoo and it suitable for all ages and beautifully written.


Peter Brown who wanted a pet cat, one day he follow a stray cat but he involved in an accident and ended up in hospital. He found himself turning into a cat, the world is a dangerous place for him now but luckily he is rescued and befriended by Jennie, a kindly stray tabby who has been abandoned by her owners. They are being lifelong friends and Jennie teaches Peter all about being a cat and go on a journey with each other. This is a beautiful tale and a really good story of being a true mate and changing people life around, This is a timeless classic and it suitable for all ages.

One thought on “Article: Top 10 Books To Read

  1. I have to say that I don’t know any of these books Marks, and sorry to say they are probably not my kind of read. I can give you some alternative recommendations though:
    1. Colin Bateman – Mystery Man series (4 books) He’s the Man With No Name and the owner of No Alibis, a mystery bookshop in Belfast. But when a detective agency next door goes bust, the agency’s clients start calling into his shop asking him to solve their cases. He is also on the Autistic spectrum which makes for some interesting situations.
    2. Christopher Brookmyre – any of his books is a good read; another crime solving crossed with dark humour.
    3. C. J. Sansom – The Shardlake series (6 books) Shardlake is a lawyer in Tudor times and also gets involved in solving mysteries, usually involving murder. If you don’t fancy these I think your dad might like them.
    4. Ray Celestin – The City Blues Quartet (3 books so far). The first one is based in New Orleans in 1912, second in Chicago 1920s, third New York 1947. Murder mysteries but also including real historical figures of gangsters and blues & jazz musicians, e.g. Al Capone in Chicago and Louis Armstrong has appeared in every book so far.
    5. Jonathon Coe – What a Carve Up A postmodern detective story, a scathing send-up of the 1980s, a macabre Gothic – all rolled up into a spoof horror story.


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