Article: Top 10 Holidays

10.Criccieth (Wales)

Criccieth is a small town but I stayed in a hotel and that just ok, I’m sure there are better hotels around there. There is a beautiful castle nearby and you should check it out as there is a lot of history there, if you like stream railways you can go on one and seeing stunning views with your kids. If you like a peaceful getaway you should try this.

9.Isle of Man

Isle of Man is a really nice place and with foods that you die for you. There is numerous of hotels that you would stay in and there are a lot of activities that kids and adults liked. There is Snaefell Mountain Railways and numerous stream railways, Manx Museum if you are interested in cars and there are numerous places to walk or even you can go on tramways with a horse. 


London is a fabulous place to go and there are numerous of hotels around. There is a lot of activities just like The London Eye, numerous museums, stage show/musicals, cinemas, restaurants and numerous walks as well. you can go on public transport anywhere in London.


Prague is a really nice place and there are numerous of hotels and I stay in one of The Hilton Hotels which is ideal. There are numerous museums out and about which are really interesting  and there is an astronomical clock in the town centre, if you wanted to entertain your kids you should go to a zoo in Prague or a boat trip to see stunning views and the foods is really good, as there are a lot of restaurants there.

6.Almeria (Spain)

Almeria is a beautiful place and with an all-inclusive as well which the hotels are always consistent and a buffet for lunch and dinner. You can have an element of relaxing by the pool, or relaxing by the sea, if you wanted to see the world and get out there you should do museums if you wanted a bit of history or a glass bottom boat which is stunning to see underneath the see, you can see the beautiful scenery and go on mini trips with an itinerary as well.


Amsterdam is a vibrant city break with numerous hotels and many restaurants, it has got a really good nightlife and there is a load of walks that you can do and you able to catch public transport as well. There are numerous museums that you would enjoy, if you wanted to entertain the kids there are loads of boat and canal trip and see beautiful scenery.


Berlin is a fascinating city with a lot of monuments and there are a load of hotels you would pick from. The food is really nice and you got a lot of good-looking restaurants that scattered about, there are a load of walks and you able to catch public transport and get around to places. If you wanted to entertain your kids you should do a river cruise or Legoland and even a zoo, just enjoy your surrounding and beautiful views.


Malta is a curious place with a lot of hotels and the food is gorgeous, overall you will enjoy this location with a lot of stunning view and scenery. There is a lot of things to do especially with walks, museum, glass bottom boat and if you wanted to entertain the kids there is a waterpark, car museum and an Aquarium. If you wanted to relax they also got beaches.


Vienna is a fantastic place and you would fallen in love with it as there is a load of option with regarding to restaurants. The good thing is you able to go on public transport to museum, river cruise and you able to relax as well. If you wanted to entertain your kids you can do a zoo, aquarium and a Ferris Wheel that you would go on. Enjoy the beautiful surrounding and stunning views and you will always remember this holiday.

1.New York

This is a fantastic and a once in a lifetime experience that you will always remember this, it also have a lot of hotels that you able to stay in and the food is to die for as it is amazing and with good looking restaurants dotted around. There is a lot to do there with the likes of Empire State Building, museum, parks, seeing Statue of Liberty and there is a hidden gem of a mini museum called Spygate with a James Bond exhibition.

One thought on “Article: Top 10 Holidays

  1. All great holiday recommendations Mark. If you are ever heading back to USA I would recommend Chicago as an alternative to New York.


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