Article: Top 10 Albums That Define Me

10.Pixie Lott (Young Foolish Love)

This album has got a mixture of catchy songs and odd power ballad type of songs, there are certain songs that just get me like a song called We Just Go on because for me personally it about a relationship that goes wrong and being broken and rise above it. The other one is Stevie On The Radio which uplifting and really catchy and I love the harmonic bit in the song and it is really unique.

9.Marina Diamond (Love & Fear)

This is a truly unique album which I personally love and I can connect with all of these songs, it is really tricky if I picked one but if I have too picked two songs out I would personally picked a song is which is called End Of The Earth which is a love song but it have an electronic score to it, the other song is called True, because it about being  you and don’t be someone else and believe in yourself which I actually connect to that song.

8.Coldplay (A Head Full Of Dreams)

I really like this album as it blended with dance music and ballad type of songs, there also are generally uplifting songs like Up & Up as it about being true to yourself and don’t give up in life and being positive all the time which I connect too. My other personally favourite Fun which is basically a love song which is sincere and generally moving at the same time.

7.Jack Garratt (Phase)

This is a unique style of album as it is rather unusual but in a good way, it is dance music blended in with a power ballad mixed in with all the songs. All of them are generally catchy and my personally favourite is Surprise Yourself because it about being yourself and what you overcome in your life, my other one is The Love You’ve Given as it about everyday life and people will love you along your way.

6.Echosmith (Talking Dreams)

This is a brilliant album with all the songs are generally uplifting and songs that just making you smile and you would connect too, My two personal favourite is Surround You as it about letting people in your life and be there for you and ask for help, the other one is Nothing’s Wrong and it a simple message of appearances and don’t be bother with people who pre judge you and make new friends in the process.

5.A Great Big World (Is There Anybody Out There)

A brilliant album with sincere songs and all of the songs are basically about appearances and generally upbeat type of songs that just making you happy. My two personally favourite song is Land of Opportunity which is generally catchy and I really love the ukulele moment in the song, my other favourite is Already Home which has a special meaning to me and it basically about being away from home and didn’t appreciated of missing our loves one and I can connect with this song.

 4.The National (I’m Easy To Find)

This album is sheer beauty with heartfelt songs and everyone would connect to these songs. My two favourite is You Had Your souls With You and that song partly reminded me of a amazing guy who I spent my weekend with him and just being there, the song is about missing a person who always made people happy, the other one is Rylan and it also about a person who help you throughout your life and that reminded me of a guy who live in Marple who is always kind to me.

3.Taylor Swift (Fearless)

A magnificent album with soulful and generally uplifting and feel good songs that make people happy. The album make my life better, this introduced me to country music and my favourite song on the album is You’re Not Sorry and it about a relationship that doesn’t work. Taylor Swift, she is my music icon.

2.Snow Patrol (Wildness)

A stunning album with generally moving songs and all of them are about life in generally, you would connect to these songs and my two personally favourite is Soon and this song is about a person with Dementia and the consequences, the other one is What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get and it reminded me of my family and my brother and other people who always have and always will be especially by my side and I wanted to say a special Thank You.

1.Ella Henderson (Chapter 1)

The reason why I put this album first it basically all the songs about relationships in generally and I can relate to all of them and odd ones are really catchy. My two personal favourite ones are All Again because it about an aftermaths of a relationships that just finish, my other one is Giants and that basically about life in general and never look back and don’t give up, for me personally I can connect with these two songs.

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