Mini Film Reviews Volume 8

What We Did On Our Holiday

A family of five is off to Granddad’s big 75th birthday party at an uncle’s estate in rural Scotland. The parents are separated and hope their three kids won’t mention it. On paper this would be generally moving and funny but it isn’t whatsoever, it is too episodic with characters hard to like and I really wanted to enjoy it as I like Rosamund Pike as she is very talented but it feel like it made just for television.

Dumbo (1941)

Ridiculed because of his enormous ears, a young circus elephant is assisted by a mouse to achieve his full potential. This isn’t the best Disney film by far as there are others that I personally prefer, the only positive thing is the story as that is the strength of this film and the look of the animation is old school but really effective and keep the film going, it is rather short and it not as memorable enough but it still a well-intentioned film.

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie’s Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all. In this likeable romp that brim with one liner and an action packed from start to finish, it have got a really good story and really in dept. this film got heart and it is generally touching, the only thing it can be slightly sluggish but despite that it is entertaining experience.

Ex Machina

A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground – breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid A.I. I just like this film because it the element of a character driven and getting to know the people in this film, it is genuinely tense and spooky at the same time and building up the tension very well and the casting is superb.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

Based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Lloyd Vogel’s jaded outlook on life, forcing the reporter to reconcile with his own painful past. This is a beautifully observed film that will captivating people heart and it is so relatable and you would connect with these characters, Tom Hanks is a tour de force in his role and he is so good and also Matthew Rhys as both of them are superb and in general the casting is spot on in this thoughtful film.

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