Article: Top 10 Christmas Songs

10.I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every day (Wizzard)

This is so catchy and it is one of those song that made people stand up and started singing in this lively and a rocky type of song, the video for this song is certainly memorable and it is an anthem for Christmas in generally. Everyone know the words to this song as you can lip synch to every word on this well-known song.

9.Silent Night (Celtic Woman)

This is sheer beauty of a hymn and it is really beautiful to listen to, all of the voices just blended in and with stunning effect that just made this work and it is a popular song/hymn and that is certainly spot on and in people heart.

8.White Christmas (Bing Crosbie)

An authentic voice certainly made this into a memorable song and it is so different but in a good way, it is one of those song that is so easy to listen to and it is so relaxing and made you fell asleep and thinking of Christmas. You will always remember this song as it is smooth and an old crooner alike that bring finesse to this song.

7.Happy Xmas: War Is Over (John Lennon & Yoko Ono)

A beautifully well written song that pulling at the heartstring of people and this song is a joy to listen to as there are superbly beautiful lyrics, it is simply gorgeous and people will listen to it in this joyous little gem of a song.

6.A Spaceman Came Travelling (Chris De Burgh)

A perfect and a calm song that really capture the night before Christmas in this dream like type of song, this is an underrated song and if you are away and go travelling this is a ideal song to you and this song would ring true to many people who would travel up to see your families and this song reminded you of your journey.

5.Walking In The Air (Aled Jones)

This is a sincere song that is better remember for a mini film named The Snowman and it is a fitted tribute as it is really different, the operatic in Aled Jones voice is certainly hit the spot in this quietly powerful song that everyone can attempted to sing along with it and it is captivating as well.

4.Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues)

This is a tradition Christmas song that always being play at Christmas parties and even at home that is so popular with everyone. You can name all the musical instruments in this song and everyone just smile every time when you hear this song, it could be either on the radio or a Christmas album.

3.The First Noel (Lady Antebellum)

The first time I hear this I was move by this song as it about Christmas and if there any carol singing and they sing a song it like a hymn, this will be it and it is one of those song that just made you relaxed with your family and you can connect with this song while you having a drink and blended in the background very well. This is just a warm and a hugged type of song.

2.One More Sleep (Leona Lewis)

This song is so suitable for Christmas Eve as the next day is Christmas Day and this little beauty of a song mighty well sing this in the night just waiting for the next day, this is like pop song with a bit of a twist and it is definitely a festive song that will become on everyone list of favourite Christmas song.

1.Christmas Lights (Coldplay)

The reason why I picked this song as my number one it reminded me of people and friends and all the good times that we spent together. From the start of this song is really sad and slow, then gradually it getting into full swing with the other part about is about hope and thinking of people of people in general.

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