Article: Top 10 Gym Songs

10.Wings (Birdy)

This would be an ideal song that you would play at the gym while you doing the cross trainers as this is just a relaxing and an uplifting song. It has the element of a coming-of-age theme and people would connect with that and it is an easy listening type of song that you would needed, this is one of those song that people can remember and this is so memorable due to those reason.

9.Bright Lights Bigger City (CeeLo Green)

A funky, soulful and something different that you would listen to as it is so catchy that you can’t get it out of your head. While you go on the gym equipment this will definitely be the soundtrack with every beat that you follow in the song will repeat in your performance if you doing the bike and listen to this song, that you can imagine yourself on a motorbike in a big city with a lot of bright lights from traffic light to building and shops.

8.Breathing Fire (Anne – Marie)

A dance type of music that is so unique and remarkable that get you pumping you muscle with the weight while you playing this song. While you breathing in and out and take your time of lifting the weight and you can hear this song it certainly goes well with every movement and perfect timing in this wonderful and pure inventiveness of a song.

7.Keep On Walking (Scouting For Girls)

This song so ideal for being on the treadmill while you walking and running as this song is a club hit with wacky and generally tender lyrics that you will certainly singalong with this song. Just think while you on the treadmill imagine yourself being away and the sun beaming down on you and you forced yourself of not giving up just keep on walking, till the sun go down while you in the gym putting your earplug out of your ear.

6.Knock Knock (Lenka)

So beautiful of a song that is so relatable and it about life in general and the up and the down. This also relevant and ring true to so many people and easily this is so relaxing and it definitely suitable to the leg curl just to made you relax and feel good to yourself in a sensitive song about life in generally.

5.I Can’t Hear The Music (James Blunt)

Sensitively and an amazing song that is so tender and beautiful at the same time in this song that is so thought provoking and just generally nice in this crowd-pleasing song that is so memorable. This is so suitable for Lat Pulldown machine just to help and ease your muscle at the same time and it just calm you down in the process and it made you relaxed as well, it like playing a piano at the concert up your arm and then play.

 4.Fight Song (Rachel Platten)

Wonderful and general uplifting song that involving life in general and never giving up and work through it. It definitely suited to Leg Extension machine as it just calm your muscle, sit back and dream of sitting in a deck chair somewhere in the Bahamas having drink while you kicking off the mosquitos from your leg. Then just remember to let go and it will help with regarding to this gym equipment.

3.Faster Than The Setting Sun (Fyfe Dangerfield)

Glorious and wonderful tune that is so memorable to those who listen to it and it is so nice and relaxing as well. the rowing machine is so suitable as it like being in a car in the countryside looking at the hills and always remember that he is so underrated and once you hear him you will keep playing his album.

2.You Give Me Something (James Morrison)

Sheer beauty of a song that is so different and it is certainly a song that can easily being play all the time. I know some people got a Cable Tower for gym purpose and use every beat of a trumpet and saxophone to using your arm and get in a rhythm of every movement and this song certainly help you.

1.Mountain Sound (Of Monster And Men)

Superbly made song that is so different and it about just getting away from civilisation and chilled out as well. While you doing Incline Chest Press machine it like building a tent and keep using your arm like with triceps your shoulders and your chest to carry a rucksack around with you and you needed this machine to build up your stamina.

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