Article: Top 5 Rob Letterman Films

5.Gulliver’s Travels

Travel writer Lemuel Gulliver takes an assignment in Bermuda but ends up on the island of Lilliput, where he towers over its tiny citizens. It is one of those film that will divided people as some will like this and some don’t, I actually enjoy this film as this is funny but heartfelt at the same time. It also got a brilliant story and it has got a likeable lead, this is joyous and it is well – meaning.

4.Shark Tale

When a son of a gangster shark boss is accidentally killed while on the hunt, his would – be prey and his vegetarian brother decide to use the incident to their own advantage. With a cool soundtrack and with great characters that brim with comic one liner, the moral is don’t let fame get to your head and you will lose friends in the process, I’m sure people will connect to that message and this is suitable for all ages and a family viewing.

3.Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

In a world where people collect Pokémon to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent talking Pikachu who seeks to be a detective. Eye catching and this is fun and funny plus it didn’t take itself too seriously, the story is spot on and this is entertaining from start to finish and this is colorful plus this is suitable for a rainy day, it feels totally epic and this is entertaining and a thrill ride type of film, this is well – made and it just drawn you in from the start.

2.Monsters Vs Aliens

A woman transformed into a giant after she is struck by a meteorite on her wedding day becomes part of a team of monsters sent in by the U.S. government to defeat an alien mastermind trying to take over Earth. A beautiful animation film that about appearances and that is really important to people, the vocal in this film is certainly spot on and this is heartfelt, this is so watchable with great characters.


A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer’s imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware. Enjoyable and pure escapism type of film, the CGI/SFX is absolutely amazing and it balance the comedy with the scary element and that work really well, the casting is spot on and this is generally moving and this is eye catching, it is entertaining and it is so underrated and it also a well – made film.

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