The Three Musketeers D’ Artagnan Movie Review

D’Artagnan arrives in Paris trying to find his attackers after being left for dead, which leads him to a real war where the future of France is at stake. He aligns himself with Athos, Porthos and Aramis, three musketeers of the King. Too be honest with you I was surprised with this film as this is a good film, this is a French subtitle film and it will divide people as some will like this and some don’t, it has got a fantastic story and the casting is convincing and the set pieces is rather good, it also got amazing scenery and it might be slightly grim but it never goes too over the top, this is character driven and it silently drawn you in as this can be watchable. The only thing is, it can get slightly patchy in some places and overall, this is entertaining and it has got a brilliant ending.

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