Article: Top 10 Duets in Music

10.No Air (Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown)

This is a beautiful love song that everyone can connect to this song as it just blended in well. It is generally poignancy and moving at the same time and this is so memorable as the two of them their voices just suited to this type of song that is easy listen too and can relate to at the same time.

 9.Mama Told Me Not To Come (Stereophonics & Tom Jones)

This is one of those song that you can have in your car with a singalong that is so catchy and you certainly can’t get this song out of your head. This is a perfect duet that just work really well and this is so different but in a good way and this should be in a karaoke and it is a well-known song that people will love.

8.Coming Home (Pixie Lott & Jason Derulo)

A more softer side of a song for Valentine Day and play that in the background as this is a lovely song. I’m not normally a massive Jason Derulo fan but this song he collaboration with Pixie Lott and this is a perfect pick me up as it is generally really nice and uplifting as well, they both got different style of music but it does work with a bit of R&B with some pop and this is a perfect song that is suitable for everyone who got a partner or going out with someone.

7.To Love A Woman (Enrique Iglesias & Lionel Richie)

Another one for the lovers and whoever going out with someone this is an ideal song for them. Both of them certainly capture the wonderful friendship they have with a stunning love song that will be remembrance for everyone and their wedding songs as this is a perfect first dance to this very song.

6.Best Shot (Birdy & Jaymes Young)

The first time I hear this song I thought wowed this song is so amazing, this come from a movie called The Fault In Our Stars and I got the soundtrack as this is one of my personal favourite song on that album. It is a life affirming type of song that bring sorrow and a sincere tale of adolescence and being in love at the same time and it is certainly a feel-good song that just made you smile and it is relatable at the same time.

5.Don’t Let The Sun Goes Down On Me (Elton John & George Michael)

Truly epic song that is so remarkable and it is an underrated gem of a song that hit the spot. It is an old classic but it is so popular with everyone and we certainly needed this song to brighten our day up and in our life as well.

4.Don’t You Wanna Stay (Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean)

Beautifully written song and their partnership is perfect and the song is basically about a relationship that wanted to last till eternity and not saying by, or giving up on love and it give you a poignancy and tuneful of reminded of that of the very moment. This song is certainly resonate with people in this power ballad type of song and it really hit you but in a good way.

3.Fall On Me (Andrea & Matteo Bocelli)

Too be honest with you I’m not normally a massive classic music fan but this effortless song is excellent and it does work really well. Their voices is certainly out of this world and this song is about life in general and the ups and downs which is has got a really good and important message to everyone who listen to a marvellous song which capture people spirits.

2.Father & Son (Ronan Keating & Yusuf Islam)

Timeless song that give you a buzz and timely reminder of your dad and especially with all the funny and golden moment in your life. it is sincere and moving at the same time and with the roughness that actually does work really effectively and with a bit of pop that just melt your heart, it is one of those song that you would keep on playing and never get tired over this superbly made song.

1.The Last Time (Taylor Swift & Gary Lightbody)

I picked this song first because of those reason it about a relationship and the repercussion it has on people and the letting go, despite they break your heart but you don’t want see them and your reason why. It certainly ring true to me and people around the world of being hurt and shown remorse to people in general, it has got a good subject matter and really powerful at the same time.

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