My Top 10 Favourite Restaurants

10.GBK (Manchester)

GBK actually is an abbreviation of Gourmet Burger Kitchen and if you like American food, this is for you as it got an option of which filling you can choose. My personally favorite is cheese and bacon burger with chips and strawberry milkshakes, you don’t even needed dessert at all as it is really filling, it also got some vegetarian option as well.

9.Lily’s (Ashton Under Lyne)

I know I only been to Lily’s only once but I always remember it as it is like a Tapas of mini-Indian dishes, they are mouthwatering and super tasty and the place itself is vibrant and extra friendly staff. I vaguely remember we have Masala Chips and they are really nice, I normally eat meat but this vegetarian restaurant it certainly out of this world and totally memorable.

8.Peking Garden (Cheadle)

A really nice restaurant with fast service and with friendly staff, I have my birthday there and it is simply delicious. My favorite is sweet and sour chicken and pawn toast and spring rolls, the good thing about it you able to share the food and order more as well, it definitely one of the best Chinese restaurants and it is extra tasty.

7.Chiquitos (Manchester)

Being a Mexican restaurant, this is superb and with excellent selection of food that you can pick, I normally have the Paella or Fajitas and with Tortilla with dips to start with and that is really nice, It also got nice surrounding and with brilliant service.

6.Wagamama (Manchester)

Everything about Wagamama is superb as it got a mixture of everything like with rice, noodles, and Ramen. The good thing is they have got vegetarian and Vegan meals as well as some people got dietary requirement, the setting and the surrounding of this restaurant is lay out very well and I have Katsu Curry, Teppanyaki and Donburi which is a rice dish. All the dishes are superbly made and overall, it is a fantastic restaurant.

5.Banyan (Manchester)

The good thing about this restaurant is very spacious and it is a really big place and I often have a Cajun Chicken burger with chips which is really nice, I even have pasta dishes there. The service is clinical and spot on in this family friendly restaurant which always welcome you with a big smile.

4.Tampopo (Manchester)

Tampopo restaurant are serving a cuisine from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan. The food is absolutely amazing and with reasonable prices and I remember I have Green Curry with chicken, that is simply delicious and it is an authentic place and it is totally memorable.

3.Bibimbap (London)

Korean type of restaurant which is based in Soho in London and it is truly remarkable, it might be a small place but the food itself is certainly out of this world. I normally have Bibimbaps which basically a bowl with Rice with a lot of other food in the same dish, which is amazing, also for starter I have pork dumpling and Korean Fried Chicken and they are really tasty and the staff are really quick, you will loved this restaurant as it also got food for vegetarian lovers.

2.Amans (Bramhall)

One of my favorite Curry places as it is suitable for all ages and they even got some English dishes for the younger generations, who doesn’t like curries and I normally go for the chef special as they are consistently good, you will have a fabulous time there.

1.Gusto (Manchester)

My number one restaurant and it is Gusto as the food is always consistent and generally really tasty. It also suitable for the kids as they got chips, burgers, pizzas and pasta and the selection is really good, the staff would do absolutely everything just to please you and the service is really quick. I’m sure people will automatically turn up here as Gusto is thoroughly enjoyable and also a family friendly type of restaurant.

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favourite Restaurants

  1. I would have to have Lily’s at Number 1 Mark. Also try Dishoom in Manchester near the People’s History museum.


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