Article: Top 10 Favourite Museums You Should Go TO

10.Salford Museum & Art Gallery (Greater Manchester)

A mixture of an art gallery mixed in with a side street that set in 18 or 19th century which is really interesting, the art galleries look really impressive as some of the picture is truly remarkable, this is surprisingly really good and it also worthwhile.

9.Museum Of Wigan Life (Wigan)

Look can be deceiving as this is a really old building but the inside of this place is astonishing, it also a mixture of historical moment from all different years and also it’s a fascinating look, overall you won’t get bored as it will take you all day to walked around this museum.

8.Sherlock Holmes Museum (London)

It might be rather short and it will take you about 30 minutes to look around, if you really into the stories of Sherlock Holmes, this is ideal for you and if you take time looking in this house you will really enjoy this museum.

7.Manchester Museum (Manchester)

With amazing artifacts and with stunning animals and all different collection in the form of statues. The place itself is certainly spectacular and it is eye catching once you enter this museum, the museum is certainly massive and totally memorable.

6.Horniman Museum And Gardens (London)

 The place itself is breathtakingly beautiful and it is well located, it is really easy to find and the gardens itself is simply beautiful. When I been to that place with my brother there is a Lego exhibition and that is really impressive and outstanding, so technically this is suitable for all ages and definitely you can plan a massive day out there.

5.Museum Of Liverpool Life (Liverpool)

This museum is suitable for a family day out and it has got a lot of unusual collection/ artefacts. It also got a lot of exhibition on and one of them is about an Iconic band The Beatles, some of the museum is hands on for the younger generations and I’m sure everybody will enjoy this museum.

4.People’s History Museum (Manchester)

People’s History Museum is fantastic and really interesting and often very moving by sensitive topic in this museum. My favourite bit is the political aspect as it is fascinating to read about it and learned something new, the building itself look very impressive and it is massive and it also local for so many people and you will have a good time there.

3.The Postal Museum (London)

You can take a ride on Mail Rail and discover the inspiring stories of Britain’s postal heritage and that is really cool, if you are 6ft you might not have room in the pod but it doesn’t matter at all just laugh it off, just hearing the commentator and afterward you can have a walked around in this fascinating and insightful museum which is hands on.

2.World Of Glass (St Helens)

It has all the element of an amazing museum as this got Glass Blowing Demonstration, Three Screen Film Show which is like one of those thing that move you nonstop and also Victorian Furnace & underground tunnels. The memorabilia is totally unique and weird and truly magnificent, the café have got nice food and drink, in this superb museum and it also worth your time there.

1.Spyscape (NYC)

Even if you are not a massive fan of spies or espionage or the Cold War aspect you will fallen in loved with this museum. You can be a superhero for a day of being an agent/ British Intelligence or a Special Ops and it got a load of interactive games to prove your profile, there is a special 007 exhibition which is truly remarkable. Some of the exhibition is about Edward Snowden, codes during the war in this 5 stars museum which is my personally favourite and it is suitable for all ages.

2 thoughts on “Article: Top 10 Favourite Museums You Should Go TO

  1. I was pleased to see that a lot of the museums that we did together made it onto the list. I think the biggest surprise was the World of Glass in St Helens. Who would have thought that it would be one of the best? Next time I’min New York I will definitely do the Spyscape.


    1. For me personally the reason why for saying World Of Glass is one of the best museum. It is different and really quirky and try to be something different which I really admire.


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