Article: Top 5 Actors Who Should Play James Bond

5.Chad Michael Murray

He used to be a teen sensation who star in chick flick like with A Cinderella Story and the Freaky Friday remake, he often stars in action film and he is American actor but he could play as a main lead if he got the right role and the right script, with some experience filmmaker and also the right kind of film that he can apply, He hasn’t really star in a typical blockbuster film and he deserve a chance.

4.George MacKay

A promising and an underrated actor who stars in different film like with Western, Horror, Drama and sometimes War films as well. The thing is he only star in one big budget Hollywood type of films and that is 1917, he needed to star in a bigger role and he certainly got charisma and that is the key to the role of James Bond.

3.Eddie Redmayne

I might be biased about Eddie Redmayne as he is my favorite actor as he seems like a proper gentleman. He also famous for The Theory Of Everything, The Danish Girl and Early Man. He also got that look of a spy as the good thing is, he is English born and bred, he got personality with his presence and that does work in his films.

2.Himesh Patel

Himesh Patel first film is Yesterday about a musician who only remember songs about the iconic band The Beatles. I watch that and I automatically love that film and his performance is really good, he is a good actor who star in a variety of films. He has got that likeability factor as he got a brilliant future, those are the reason why I would loved his as James Bond.

1.Dan Stevens

My number one to play James Bond is Dan Stevens as he got that look and also, he can transformed into anyone. He star in a variety of films and he only star in one big budget film and that is the remake of Beauty And The Beast, he is charming and he got that charisma and with comic one liner as everyone can imagine his as the next James Bond, he play the main lead very well and overall he would be brilliant.

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