Article: Top 5 Directors Who Should Direct A James Bond Film

5.Luca Guadagnino

He actually doing arthouse type of film and he certainly does made the more interesting films, he always focuses on the scenery which is really important. He made Call Me By Your Name and the remake of Suspiria and both of them really fascinating, I’m fascinated what would he do a James Bond film as he never made film too overcomplicated, he would be creative and he know what he is doing.

 4.Jaume Collet – Serra

The good thing about Jaume Collet – Serra he is doing a variety of films like with horror, action and fantasy and he able to cast the right actors and actresses, he doesn’t rushed it like with other directors and he can blended the chemistry with the stars and he would pull his stamp on it, he would be brilliant and he would carefully made a brilliant story with twist after twist.

3.J.A. Bayona

One of my favorite directors as he normally doing character driven type of films and the good thing is he is the most promising director. He also made The Impossible and A Monster Calls, he doesn’t always doing action film and the last action film he is doing is the latest Jurassic Park film. He would crafted a story with action element plus with character driven, I would love to witness that in a James Bond film.

2.James Cameron

Normally with James Cameron films they always really long and he is using the pacing just right and all of his film are truly epic, he certainly knows how to do a proper action film and with a likeable main lead. He would be perfectly suited to a James Bond film and he do it justice.

1.Chloe Zhao

She is doing raw, honest, relatable, and totally believable film which capture people heart and she only made one action film, it is her latest film Eternals some superheroes film and she deserve a chance to do a major Hollywood blockbuster film and joined a major James Bond franchise. She would made a story with stunning scenery with a bit of action that would be thought provoking.

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