Article: Top 10 Videogames

10.Mortal Kombat XL

You can picked a fighter and you can either choose story mode or a single fights, to beat your opponent, with story mode you have to go around the world to beat numerous fighter that you have to fight them, with a single fights you can picked your opponent and picked a location. So overall you don’t have to think on this game, it is vaguely easy of knowing which button to do.

9.Trackmania Turbo Tm

This is a game of death-defying stunts and you able to drifts in and out from different courses, you can used a time of how fast you can go. Some of the courses can be really hard but once you getting used to it, it will be simple in this fast and furious type of game.

8.Super Mario Party

If you go on a sleepover this is ideal to play this game as you spend 3 or 4 four hours just on those inventive mini games and be quirky characters from your old Nintendo games. It is colourful and it can be really funny as you can distracted your opponents, it’s not too hard for the younger generations and I’m sure you will have a good time on this colourful game.

7.Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

A junior fighting game that is certainly suitable for a massive families and a party type of games for everyone. It is joyous and really easy to play and it is one of those game with a load of characters that you can picked, so basically everyone can enjoy playing this classic game.


Driveclub is a racing game that you can picked courses from around the world that you can play in a tournament. It also got vintage cars mixed in with the latest fashion like with new and old cars and also different logos and company, the courses can be small and large and it depend on which courses you can choose, it can be slightly tricky but once you getting used to it, it is fairly simple.

5.Fifa 21

FIFA 21 is one of those game that doesn’t really challenge you and this is mainly for football fan and not newcomers. Very easily you can picked any football teams from all league and especially aboard, also you can able to picked any level that is suitable for you from hard to easy in this good-looking game.

4.Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

With various characters that you can select and this is ideal for staying over a mate house and this is fun and bring a smile to people. it also multiplayer and everyone can play together in this colourful and playable game that bring everyone together.

3.Mario Golf: Super Rush

Everything about this game is totally unique and you can certainly picked any characters and any courses that you want. All the characters got different ability once you got power up and once you play it is attractive to look at, it also depend on which courses you can play as some of them can be really hard, once you know how to play it will be much easier to play.

2.Rocket League

Having a mixture of cars and football all in the one game and it certainly does work as it like a platform game with two goals. You have to scored a goals and beating the opposition as so many points that you gain, it is definitely wild and fast and furious type of game that you will enjoyed.

1.Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

My number one game is definitely this as I actually grow up playing on this on my first Nintendo 64 and it just a classic game. It is enjoyable and joyous game that will made you happy and the good thing is, it is multiplayer with so many people can ride at any time and definitely suitable for a families and friends, overall it just a really cool game that is playable and being addictive.

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