Article: Top 10 Worst Animated Films Volume 2

10.The Hero Of Colour City

A diverse band of crayons strive to protect not only their magical multihued homeland but the imagination of children everywhere from a terrifying monster. An interesting idea and I really do admire this to be different, but unfortunately it is rather twee and it mainly suitable for the younger generations, it also take itself too seriously and the voice cast is nothing special.

9.Planes (2013 – 2014)

Unfortunately, after winning the Wings Around the Globe race in Planes, the racing days are over for Dusty Crophopper who becoming the newest firefighter cadet. Both films never really capture that magic as it is passable, as this film try too hard and becoming too safe.

8.Snoopy And Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie

Snoopy embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team takes to the skies to pursue their archnemesis, while his best pal Charlie Brown begins his own epic quest back home to win the love of his life. Combination of computer generation with an old school type of vibe that does often work, but the film overall it lacked the all-star vocal talent with no well-known names and it doesn’t hold your interest at all, the characters are not memorable enough.


A misunderstood boy takes on ghosts, zombies and grown – ups to save his town from a centuries – old curse. Everything about this film should really ticked all the boxes for me personally, It also by Laika Studios and one of my favourite film is by the same company, so I thought this would be amazing and it doesn’t have that emotional depths, it has got cliché of other films with good visual but you can’t really connect with the main lead.

6.Trolls World Tour

When the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tries to take over all the Troll kingdoms, Queen Poppy and her friends try different ways to save all the Trolls. Definitely the first one is far more superior than the second outing as this one have a weak plot, it also lost the charms and the story isn’t multi-layered like with the first film, those are the reason why this film doesn’t work at all.

5.Hotel Transylvania 3

Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea – loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster – hating Van Helsing family. Too be honest with you I actually prefer the first two of Hotel Transylvania films as they are really good, whereas with this one, it didn’t exactly work as it is unfunny and running out of ideas and this one feel rather weak.

4.The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch tells the story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit. Normally I really like Christmas films as I’m really into them, this one is daft and stupid and it is one of those film that doesn’t feel uplifting or heartfelt as it is too twee.

3.The Iron Giant

A young boy befriends a giant robot from outer space that a paranoid government agent wants to destroy. When I first hear about this film I thought this could be amazing and it probably moving as well, for me personally it was a massive let-down as it didn’t have the wowed factor and it didn’t moved me whatsoever, the story is good and it doesn’t hit you as much.


Vivo and Andres are the perfect duo through their common love of music, when tragedy strikes it’s up to Vivo to deliver a message that Andres never could, a love letter to Marta, written long ago. Usually this type of film would capture my heart but this one is not relatable and the soundtrack is rather annoying, the characters are hard to like and overall you won’t feel anything for this film.

1.Wish Dragon

Determined teen Din is longing to reconnect with his childhood best friend when he meets a wish granting dragon who shows him the magic of possibilities. One of those film with a clever concept and the story is really good, the thing is it didn’t have that emotional depths and it is totally unfunny and take itself too seriously, for me personally it is too overrated and not as good.

One thought on “Article: Top 10 Worst Animated Films Volume 2

  1. I haven’t seen any of these films Mark, and thanks to your reviews I won’t have to suffer any of them in the future.


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